Ms. Kathryn Samuelson Prof. Coach, certified 2007

Life Coach
Kathryn Samuelson

Credentials: Certification

Institution: University of New Hampshire

Certification: Professional Coach

Certification Year: 2007

Institution: University of Illinois College of Law

Graduated: 1977

In practice since: 2007

I began to feel the call to explore the spiritual and then the metaphysical quite some time ago. I practiced law in Illinois, but felt called to move to Massachusetts along with the call to explore this other side of life. I decided to follow this path of spiritual seeking and work, including working as an Intuitive and a certified Life Coach once I was settled in Massachusetts. I am now living in Vermont and continuing to pursue the work that I love so much.

I was certified as a Professional Coach by the University of New Hampshire in 2007

During my time in Massachusetts I was led to create (along with the Angels and Guides) the book called Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. This is available through my website as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

Kathryn Samuelson

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PO Box 1053
Wilder, Vermont

Areas of Specialty

Life Coaching