Ms. Kathy Pihlaja BA psychology, MA public admin

Kathy Pihlaja

During the last 30 years, I have invented and manufactured numerous health related exercise machines making it easy and effective to be healthy. 1 hour on these machines = 7 hours of any other form of exercise. Physical therapy and exercise has been life saving for me. I want to share that with others. Exercise = Life. By combining physical therapy and isometric exercise movements in a manner that is doable for people of all ages and all levels of health, mobility is increased. Being alive is not the same as living. Happiness, successful relationships, wealth, and success are not possible without exercise. Those that have been "too busy" to exercise eventually pay the price by being left with poor health. Poor health can cost you everything you worked all of your life to achieve; now you have no life and no money. My mission is to show people how easy it can be to get the exercise their body needs without the pain.