Ms. Katrin Naumann MFA, QGT, E-RYT

Katrin Naumann

Katrin Naumann, Director of Inner Balance Life Works:(R)evolutionary Self-Transformation, is a life long student of inquiry and self realization, through focused study of World Wisdom Traditions, Hermetics and Quantum Theory. She received Level III Qi Gong Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine & Nutrition Certification from the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, under Master Lisa B. O’Shea. Katrin studied Vibrational Healing with Elizabeth Wright of SpiritWorks, and has undergone the Journeys of Profound Healing, Awakening, Enlightened Awareness, Abundance, Divination of Matter, and completed several intensives in Transformational Healing with her beloved guru, Her Holiness, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.

A practitioner of Yoga for 22 years, and a teacher for the past 12, Katrin holds Essential and Advanced Hatha Yoga Certification (E-RYT200) in the Iyengar tradition from Open Sky Yoga Studio, under Master Teacher Francois Raoult. Katrin currently teaches an array of classes at CNY Healing Arts, Synergy Center, as well as to corporate and private clients in the area.

Katrin leads dynamic experiential workshops and meditations, which provide practical tools for realizing one’s full life and soul potential. As contributing editor, she is collaborating with her spiritual teacher on several metaphysical books, and is developing her own series of Meditation CDs. Katrin holds a BFA in Fine Art from St. Lawrence University, and an MFA in Design and Technical Theatre from Syracuse University.

At Inner Balance Life Works, experience Qi Gong Therapy to remove blockages in the flow of Energy (Qi), which cause imbalances in the organ systems of the body, so the body can heal itself naturally. Enjoy the transformational power of Radiant Light Therapy that changes the chemistry of stress in the body, the leading cause of dis-ease, triggering the “Relaxation Response”. Vibrational Healing balances and aligns the Chakra System. Techniques in Dynamic Self-Realization provide effective strategies for actualizing both material and spiritual aspirations. Receive insightful Spiritual and Life Guidance that targets core beliefs and soul patterns, facilitating their transmutation, to bring greater clarity regarding the experiences of this and other lifetimes, so you may unfold into the fullness of  being. 

Inner Balance Life Works endeavors to empower individuals to become conscious co-creators of their own experience, the architects of their lives. As habits of mind and behavior are transmuted that block the flow of the Creative Life Force, the Source Energy that imbues and vitalizes all existence, the conscious and sub-conscious minds can work again in harmony to restore balance and foster the(R)evolutionary Transformation of the soul.