Kenny Meagher MA, MFC

Marriage & Family Therapist
Kenny Meagher

Credentials: License

Institution: California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Certification: MFC 45464

Certification Year: 2005

Institution: Cal State Hayward

Graduated: 2005

In practice since: 2007

"Tell us about yourself...". I think my answer to this question is constantly changing. Generally I am a psychotherapist / musician / family guy / friend / helper sort of guy. I own the Save Harbor Counseling Center in Union City, California. In both my counseling and musician paths, in very similar ways, we play with people's emotions. I think Play is a good term to use here, because in helping my clients look at their emotions in open minded / playful ways, it becomes much easier to lose defenses, laugh at ourselves when we can, and give ourselves the permission to change things we have been stuck in. I believe everyone who walks through my door is different, and I become somewhat of a different person with each client. Their solutions after all are their solutions, not mine. Mine work for me, but my goal is to help them find theirs. Good therapists are not judges in my view. Everyone comes into this world with their own unique DNA and from there it is environmental experiences, relationships with parents, friends, teachers etc. that help and influence our own unique development. Our go to tendencies are formed very early and we tend to keep going to those through our lives though at times the old ways just don't serve us very well. I like to help people find new ways that help them live happy lives.

Safe Harbor Counseling Center

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32145 Alvarado Niles Rd
Suite 208
Union City, California

Areas of Specialty


Family Conflict


Peer Relationships

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem


Trauma and PTSD

Treatment Methods

Art Therapy

Business Coaching

Career Counseling

Child psychotherapy




EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Energy Work

Family Therapy


Intuition Development

Life Coaching

Marriage counseling

Meditation and Guided Visualization


Music Therapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Pain Management

Positive Psychology

Relationship Counseling

Separation Counseling

Sound Healing

Spiritual Healing

Time Management

Unexplained Phenomenon