Mr. Kirti Betai LLB.

Kirti Betai

I became comatose in 1984 at Mumbai, India. When I came out from coma, I was very weak. I was not allowed any analgesics for my cervical & lumber pain.

Then I had a chance reading about the healing power of the pyramids. At once I remembered that dead bodies placed within pyramids did not decay for thousands of years.

I then started making pyramids for my healing and in two years I had made nearly ten thousand small pyramids of every conceivable material, and I became Hale and hearty with no pain and no weakness.
, disorder and ailment
I now started to work 15 hours a day and threw open the pyramid clinic to public, treating every disease, disorder, and ailment, without any drugs, with pyramid power

Modern Vastu (Energy) Science
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