Mr. Knox Burnett LMHC, CPT

Knox  Burnett

I am a psychotherapist, personal trainer, writer, and speaker who is fascinated by the practice of healing through the art of translation. Both personally and professionally, I have always been interested in how each of us have become who we are in mind, body, and spirit. Therapy is all about how that truth and its origins gets lost in translation between the different realms of who we are (mind, body, soul) and how, through the therapeutic relationship, each person can find greater degrees of life, freedom, and integrative healing. This disconnection with ourselves can show up in many ways, whether it be depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, eating, relationship troubles, etc...but ultimately each of these issues are but fruits of a deeper need in us that is being neglected. My job is to help each person begin to listen to these fruits and their connection to the rest of an individuals life so that they may ultimately experience a deep and transformative change.

My hope is that each of my clients, through this integrative therapy, can begin to see their dignity and come to love themselves and others in a way that might flow over into the rest of their world. It is my honor to join each individual as they become more of who they were always meant to be.

"The glory of God is a human being fully alive."
Saint Irenaeus

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