Kristen Boyer MA, HC

Art Therapist
Kristen Boyer

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Pratt Institute

Institution: Pratt Institute

Graduated: 2010

I'm an author, speaker, shamanic healer and holistic nutritionist and it's my mission to empower women to reclaim their energy through an ancient healing practice called soul retrieval. I help those who have lost parts of their power to traumatic experiences and draining relationships to reclaim their confidence, their power and their voice so that they can feel re-energized to move past any limitations and achieve the liberation and life they want. My training in psychology, studies with shamanic and indigenous healers, and more importantly, my personal transformational healing through soul retrieval, has inspired me to share the tools for abundantly powerful living with others. When you feel whole, anything is possible!

Books Kristen has Published

Playing Karma

A Former Church Girl's True Journey From Bondage to Enlightenment

Chronically ill and only 25, psychologist Kristen is robbed and abandoned by her compulsive-liar husband. Heartbroken and with no one to turn to besides her rigid evangelical Christian ‘Super Family,” Kristen decides to take life by the balls and secretly becomes a professional dominatrix. Relying on her improvisational skills and empathic intuition, she must navigate the strange politics of a swarm of psychologically unstable Mistresses, enter the dark minds of powerful (yet submissive) Wall