Ms. Laura Meehan MA, RScP

Laura Meehan

My life purpose is to grow in my connection and awareness of God/Spirit within me and helping others to do the same for themselves.
I became a Prayer Practitioner to become more proficient in using the spiritual principles, practices, and tools of Science of Mind and to become a more powerful pray-er for the upliftment of those requesting living in alignment with the Truth. I share a positive and powerful presence in the world.
I love to serve God by seeing God in everyone. I am part of Spiritual Living Centers . I love to help people become free of limiting beliefs and experience their greater good and to be happier and more at peace. I love to help people love themselves more and to connect more with others. And I love communing with God.
I enjoy facilitating greater love for one’s self and/or greater love and connection in relationships in one’s life. I enjoy working with personal growth and personal freedom issues. I also help people create daily spiritual practices in practical and doable ways to create a deeper connection to Spirit.
My day job as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of 30 years. I bring a wealth of understanding of human nature which blends well with the spiritual principles used in Science of Mind foundational teachings.
“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”