Laura Mendelsohn

Laura Mendelsohn

Hello. I am Spirit Medium Laura, Soul Healer. I specialize in “HEALING to HAPPINESS” with exceptional, ethical and evidential soul psychic mediumship, messages, manifesting, mending (clairvoyant healing), meditation, mentoring & medical intuitive intelligence. I have over 30+ years experience. I am featured in the book, "Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America" and a Research Medium for Voices Across the Veil.

A brief testimonial from Dennis Grega, Ph.D. from a Voices Across The Veil Research Mediumship Session, reflects, “Superb, Magnificent and and ‘Marvelous’ session!!!! I sat enthralled watching and listening in the background. I loved seeing the smiles on both sitter’s faces. They will remember this forever as will I.” My website lists many more reflections of the integrity and skill I can provide to those who seek a clear connection to spirit.

Here is a brief biography.

"Spirit Medium Laura was born to see spirit. Her natal astrological chart reflects all planets in the 8th house, the house of the occult. Her numerology life path number is 11/22, the master number. Her third eye is permanently marked as a light mole centered just above her eyebrows.

It is no wonder then that Spirit Medium Laura began seeing spirit as a child, had a near death experience at 4 years old, received messages during meditation as a teenager about the infinite universe. At 30 years old Laura began spontaneously channeling St. Ignatius Loyola, even going to full trance without ever a class. Decades later Laura discovered St. Ignatius Loyola is same Master Guide to famed healer John of God.

After many years of avoiding her soul’s plan for this life time in pursuit of material values, spirit forced Laura from millionaire to medium. Now Laura is featured as a “Top 100 Psychic in America,” is a research medium, is author of the Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification Program and is host of her own radio show. View videos of her live readings on her website"

Spirit Medium Laura