Mrs. Lauren Catherine Mac Millan-Shulver BA (hons), DIP., M.N.A.P.C.P.

Lauren Mac Millan-Shulver

My maiden name is Lauren Hamel-Smith, originally from Trinidad, West Indies.

My heritage is multi-ethnic; Spanish, French, African, Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh
and Hungarian. This legacy, combined with growing up in a mixture of diverse cultures,
races, religions and nationalities that is Trinidad, nurtured the ability to relate to people
of varied socio-economic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds, inspiring a desire
to make a positive difference in how we perceive and treat ourselves and each other.

Love travelling to foreign countries, furthering knowledge on a broad range of interests,
from languages and philosophies to spirituality.

Have journeyed along the eastern seaboard of America, explored New York, Toronto,
the South of France, (French Riviera) and the Amazon Jungle to holidays throughout
Scotland and Ireland.

Lived in Venezuela, Antigua, West Indies, Florida, Montreal, Quebec, and London,
before settling here, in my paternal great grandmother's homeland of Ireland.

Speak English and Spanish, with a refresher needed for the latter and learning French
and Italian a little at a time.

I have a Diploma & B.A. (hons) degree in counselling and psychotherapy, shamanic training in
Medicine Spiral Journey and am a counsellor & psychotherapist in private practice, freelance
writer, student journalist, spiritual sensitive, intuitive and empath. Passionate about self-exploration
and development and committed to helping others help themselves to positive and healthier life-styles.

Enjoy learning new things in all aspects of life, continued growth and becoming more.............

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