Mr. Leslie Harrington Vocal Artist

Leslie Harrington

Leslie Harrington’s early years were on a ranch in western Oklahoma. His first musical experience was at the age of five in a regional talent contest sponsored by the Ted Mack Radio Hour talent show on WGN Radio in 1951. Leslie and his brother won the contest and he made his first income from singing. Private study of music and performance in voice began with Mary Pedigo in Elk City, Oklahoma in 1959. In junior-high and high school Leslie was in all the choirs and musical productions and contests, receiving many commendations and awards for his singing in secondary school, performing in various venues in the Southwest.

Oklahoma State University awarded Mr. Harrington a full music scholarship grant for vocal performance. At Oklahoma State University he began the study of vocal pedagogy with Sunny Van Eton along with choral conducting, elementary and secondary music education, as well as stage and concert performance. In Chicago he continued pedagogical studies with Dr. Wilbur Burton at Moody Bible Institute in the William Vennard Technique. Dr. Vennard performed the first in-depth pathological investigation of the vocal processes. Breath Control was garnered from various master-workshops with great singers and especially from Franco Iglesias.
Leslie has developed a reflexive triggering methodology for vocal instruction and control involving ganglier stimulation with hand touches and mental imaging which trigger the breath and vocal production to immediately operate at optimum capability. With a little guided practice the method provides control of expression of intention.

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