Ms. Leslie Rhone Brown

Leslie Rhone Brown

As A Healing Empath, Intuitive, Metaphysician, and Health and Wellness Advisor. Leslie been able to reach a broad audience of clientele in need of accessing the right healing modalities and steps to bring back the quality of life they deserve. She's believe Everyone is unique, with different healing needs and treats all her clients uniquely, because they are. Leslie work's by a case by case situation.
Health and Wellness is another core part of her work and a Holistic approach to heal the Mind, Soul and the Body...
Leslie states that it is essential to treat all my clients uniquely, because they are. so I work by a case by case situation.. She give tips, tools and advice about healing yourself from the inside out.
What led me to her passion and purpose was when she hit rock bottom with her own health.
Leslie reached the point of almost dying from heart failure twice. Live and not Die that's when she began the quest of using my natural talents and gifts for self-healing along with applied health and wellness.. In 6 months. She regained full recovery and completely eradicated five different disease processes in my body in 2009.
Since that time, many people have come to her for healing, consulting and treatment. She says she is fortunate to be a magnet for those requiring her services, both as a healer and intuitive consultant. I will be sharing my stories of my own personal journey of self-healing, and the modalities, techniques and strategies she learned to go from debilitating dis-ease processes to complete health.
"Many search outside themselves for something that will heal them when all they need to do is look for the healing light within. We have many of the tools we need to profoundly heal just about anything within our body, mind and soul."wholeness."
"It is my passion, desire and purpose to show others how to fully access their own healing powers. Some may require completely tearing down walls or developing the powers of self-love. It runs the full gamut in what I see with my clients. But all can experience