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Lisa Barretta

Credentials: Membership


Certification: Reiki

Certification Year: 2005

In practice since: 1977

Lisa Barretta is an author, practicing astrologer,a member of NCGR- National Council for Geocosmic Research, AFA- American Federation of Astrologers, and ISIR- International Society for Astrological Research. She practices as an intuitive counselor, certified Reiki practitioner, and researcher in the fields of consciousness and psychic sensing. Her ability in astrological delineation coupled with uncanny intuitive insight has secured a loyal following in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. During the past 30 years she has developed her client base strictly by word of mouth.

Drawing on knowledge from past life incarnations along with a lifelong practice of the esoteric arts helped Lisa open the portal to self-discovery and transformation. Through her own personal journey she has tapped into the realms of the higher dimensions, the insights from which she shares for the first time in The Book of Transformation.

Lisa Barretta is also the author of The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading, an informative and at times humorous book which offers insider advice on how to tap into the world of psychic energy. She also gives you a peek into what it is like to be the intuitive reader on the other side of the astrological chart, tarot cards, crystal ball, and tea leaves.

Lisa Barretta has been on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast with George Noory

In addition to being an author, Lisa Barretta is also the Executive Producer for the PBS documentary, Surviving Death:A Paranormal Debate, featured at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival held in the Williamsberg section of Brooklyn, New York.

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