Mrs. Lisa Miliaresis

Lisa Miliaresis

Lisa Miliaresis, psychic medium, speaker, author, reiki master and senior account manager at a well know employee benefits firm. Born with the ability to channel, she instinctively followed her internal guidance and fine-tuned her abilities until she became an accomplished medium with a lifetime of experiences. Lisa channels publicly in large seminars, small groups, and private individual sessions.

You can read about Lisa’s early journey in Being Light Driven; Finding Inner Guidance. Her ability to bridge communications from those on the other side has helped many clients find comfort and healing.

Lisa has been able to grasp that delicate balance between Corporate America and Spiritual Service while tending to the importance of family. In the book Spiritual Guidance Trusting the Voice Within, Lisa brings awareness to internal guidance and guides you to embrace your voice to formulate your own unique balance.

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Books Lisa has Published

Spiritual Guidance Trusting The Voice Within

A workbook to enhance your spiritual wisdom

Spiritual Guidance Trusting The Voice Within is an interactive workbook that can awaken your hidden potential. Discover an energetic language that exists within you and tap into its ability to improve your life experiences. Dr. Kimberly K. Friedman and Lisa Miliaresis take you on a journey through simple exercises that will unlock awareness and abilities you didn’t even know you had. Enhancing your spiritual wisdom can allow you to: • Guide your thoughts to form positive life experiences •