Ms. Liz Randol

Liz Randol

I spent many years in school studying traditional psychology, dance, political science, women's studies, etc, at Sarah Lawrence, UC Santa Cruz, University of Washington and Boston University. Most of my work derives from studies since then, at the Deva Foundation in New Mexico, Power Path, Santa Fe, the Rebirthers, Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr, Metaphysics with Terry Cole Whittaker, and Maui School of Therapeutic Massage (and others).
I have been doing a unique form of shamanic healing since 1988 with hundreds of happy clients all over the world. I work mostly with people in transition, dealing with loss, grief, stress related illness, those who have plateau'd in their process of body/mind/spirit healing, as well as those who have tried every doctor with no success. I work multidimensionally with the spiritual intuitive wisdom of the individual, in the trance state, dealing with early childhood, past lives, whatever comes up as a result of connecting with the higher self of the individual. This inevitably is about healing whatever is blocking the flow of health, finances, love and relationship, etc.
This work is generally referred to by clients as the deepest and most effective work they have experienced, as evidenced from the testimonials on the site.

Spiritpath Transformational Healing

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