Miss Louise Beker BA

Louise Beker

Author, accredited Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Astrologer, and a Bodywork practitioner and teacher.

Louise is a successful Author of several spiritual fiction novels. In 2016 she was awarded third place in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit Book Awards for ‘Her Eight Limbs of Love’, a contemporary women’s spiritual fiction novel interweaving yoga philosophy and self-empowerment messages. She has also written ‘The Bright New Dawn’, and is currently working on her third novel ‘The Fifth World’, both of which incorporate her passion for, and research on, advanced ancient civilizations and humanity’s current shift in consciousness.

An accredited Life Coach, Louise leads empowering and transformational workshops, online seminars, and one-on-one coaching for women.
She is passionate about writing, speaking and coaching, and is a dynamic, heart-centered and inspirational Author, Coach, Visionary and Mentor.

At the age of twenty-two, Louise had a car accident and an out-of-body experience that markedly altered her perception and awareness of life, leaving her with many questions. She subsequently submerged herself in an exploration of human psychology, health, healing of the mind/body/spirit system, spirituality, mindfulness and consciousness with respected teachers, practitioners and luminaries around the globe.

Her journey led her to a wide range of bodywork, energy modalities, astrology, karate, yoga, metaphysics, sacred geometry, personal development, and a deep interest in ancient civilizations and the consciousness shift on the planet. The evolutionary ideas, insight and understanding have formed the bedrock of both her coaching and novels.

In 2011, Louise attended a global women’s summit in Los Angeles, resulting in a chance encounter with Eve Eschner Hogan, Editor of several of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Author of numerous books. In a fortuitous stroke of luck, Eve volunteered to read Louise’s – then unread – manuscript, The Bright New Dawn. She loved it and became Editor.

Louise has since written ‘Her Eight Limbs of Love’, which was awarded third place in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit Book Awards, She is currently working on her next novel and leads breakthrough coaching programmes online for women.