Mrs. Lynnette Marie-Pate

Medicine Woman
Lynnette  Marie-Pate

Credentials: License

Institution: New Haven Native American Church

Certification: License

Certification Year: 2014

Organic Guru Lynnette Marie: Author, Minister for the Environment and YOUR voice
for pure food and health freedoms.

As a sought after 'real story' and motivational speaker, Organic Guru Lynnette Marie travels the world sharing healthful information to help you make informed decisions. Lynnette has helped to heal thousands around the globe. She graces events such as the Health Freedom Expo: Chicago/ Long Beach, Navel Expo: New York, Heirloom Seed Expo: California & Connecticut, USA Prepares: Missouri, Core Health Conference: Tennessee and in many venues in Mexico. Look for her in an area near you.

After 2 near death experiences with her son, Coty, Lynnette discovered how real food was meant to heal our bodies and cure diseases. Coty suffered 27 surgeries with 7 different surgeons over the course of 15 years. It wasn’t until she was connected to a natural practicing doctor in Denver, Co. that she realized diseases CAN be cured. Coty suffered from an “Uncurable” disease: Respiratory Papillomatosis, aka the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Lynnette and her husband, Tommy, formed a 501(c)3 Foundation (The Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis) on behalf of their son, to help other families suffering, get the appropriate care they needed for their child. A happy note: Coty is alive and thriving at the age of 25, disease and surgery free for over 9 years. He now enjoys his dream of being an international organic chef.

Lynnette suffered from her own kidney surgery at age 8 in which she was on Rx drugs and OTC pills along with yearly emergency room and hospital visits throughout 25 years. It was during her visit and education from her son’s doctor in Colorado that she was able to see the difference and the truths of the food and drug industry. From the education she received in Denver, Lynnette buried herself in classes, seminars, lectures and books until she could grasp the way the body was meant to heal itself as well as cleaning toxins out of her environment. Therefore, she set out on a mission to educate and empower the world on the importance of living a toxic free life in order to be disease & ailment free. Lynnette has helped thousands of people around the world lose weight, gain health, reverse diseases and have glowing skin by offering tools for radiant skin, optimum weight & vibrant health.

Lynnette is the Author of one of the best internationally selling books, 'Fuel for the Body', in which has sold around the world. It was voted the “Best Lay Person” book written on food and health. Fuel for the Body is being distributed by Ingram Content Group, the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. It has been has been endorsed by many health activist, nutritionist and holistic doctors. Lynnette has also published "Lose Weight the Pate Weigh". Look for her other amazing books coming out end of 2015: "What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health" and "Feed Your Face".

Lynnette has also commenced her studies and ceremonies to receive her certification for Medicine Woman. Her training of natural healing medicines and meditation therapy came through the Oklevueha Native Americans.
A ‘Patient Expert’, in which she was named by Dr. Ramah Wagner, national speaker and chiropractor. Lynnette studied under the direction of Dr. Ramah Wagner and Dr. Debra Clarke; Acupuncture Therapist of Florida.

She is also the Creator & founder of Grass Roots efforts: Fuel for the Body YES T.O.U.R.s (Total Organic Understanding Ride) read more about this amazing mission on her website. As a Minister for the environment, Lynnette, with the help of her staff, founded the Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval. This is one of the PUREST seals in the WORLD! Find out which companies are truly toxic free! Organic Guru Lynnette Marie is YOUR pure health activist and takes your voice around the world demanding a toxic free planet! You can finally shop with confidence in knowing you are purchasing from PURE companies. Lynnette and her team say YES! YES to clean food, YES to clean water & YES to clean air!

She is currently involved in communities nation-wide and in Mexico as coordinator of organic festivals and galas. Lynnette has also been recently named as the Regional Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute. See more about this amazing center at founded by Bob Wright, the author of
'Killing Cancer NOT People'.

Being a PURE health advocate, Lynnette was also selected to be one of the PHresh Super stars / spokes persons for an amazing company: PHresh Products. You will also see Lynnette gracing the website and calendar of Ecco Bella cosmetics and skin care as one of their Brand Ambassador.
She proudly supports companies who have true integrity!

She has been honored with winning the title as ‘Ambassador’ for America's Outstanding Mom in June of 2012. This honor has entitled Lynnette to reach a completely new audience with her profound message. What better platform than the MOM's pageant to empower women of the WORLD? After all, Moms are the main decision makers for the family when it comes to food and health choices. This is just what she did as Ambassador.

Lynnette enjoys spending valuable time with her family. She has 2 beautiful daughters as well. Jordan Lynnette with 4 beautiful children of her own. So yes, that makes Lynnette a grandmother, but she prefers to be called "Gigi". Her other daughter, Haley Marie is 21 and on her way to College to study physical therapy. Haley and Jordan have brought so much patience to their family while watching their parents tend to their brother's illness. For that, they are deeply appreciated. Lynnette and her husband, Tommy, enjoyed being Foster Parents for abused and neglected children for a few years. This was only due to the inspiration of their 3 loving children wanting to bring helpless children into their home to take care of them. They went through non-state funded organizations
such as Agape of Memphis, TN.

She is also a huge activist for spreading God's message to the world. By following the word of God, one has the tools they need to live a life of longevity, purity and integrity.

“The better you take care of your body, the better your body takes care of YOU”. Lynnette Marie


Fuel for the Body

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