Rev. Maria Hoaglund MA

Maria Hoaglund

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Yale University, Chicago Theological Seminary

Certification: Master of Divinity, Spiritual Direction

Certification Year: 1984

Institution: Chicago Theological Seminary

Graduated: 1984

In practice since: 1985

Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an author, transformational healer, minister, and end-of-life/bereavement coach who has been doing some kind of spiritual work for most of her life. She was born and raised in Japan, so she has an expansive, multi-cultural perspective, not to mention the ability to speak fluent Japanese. Maria also attended Yale College and then the seminaries Pacific School of Religion and Chicago Theological Seminary, becoming a United Church of Christ minister in 1984.
Maria's books that come out of her extensive hospice work, "THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LIFE" and "The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready?" are inspirational resource books, unique works that bring together material from all walks of life. They are assisting people who desire to face the end-of-life -- and all kinds of change -- with courage and hope. Many spiritual traditions are represented, and Maria shares from her rich experience with hospice, that has profoundly opened up her spiritual life. Anyone facing death, grief, or a major transition in their life would find her books and resources helpful.

Maria has become passionate about body-mind-spirit connection. Through this passion she's learned several energy medicine modalities that she incorporates in her healing work: DNA Activator Toby Alexander's Auric Clearings, Running the Bars (Access Consciousness), Heart Wall Healing technique, Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, and the Tao's Divine Healing Hands. She also uses a variety of healing tools from her tool box, such as the Shambhala Healing Tools, the Young Living Essential Oils, and the points from Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese acupressure method.

As a transformational energy worker, Maria helps you shift your life quickly in the direction you want to go! When you change your frequency - aka raise your vibration - and release negative emotions, you discover renewed health, wealth, peace, and happiness in your life. By utilizing various energy healing modalities such as Auric Clearings, Heart Wall Healing, Running the Bars (Access Consciousness), you free yourself of unwanted attachments, emotions, mental patterns, and shift into a higher frequency. This creates new possibilities within you - your blueprint - by attracting new people, places, opportunities, and events that resonate with the higher frequency. Thus, your life starts to change and blossom.

Maria has also developed a line of gift bundles called "Soul Baskets" - Love & Comfort Japanese-style Bundles - incorporating tools for healing and relaxation from the last chapter of her first book. Dancing Heart considers herself a bridge builder who encourages more joy and awareness around living and dying. Her books and bundles will help you transform. Her energy work will help you Forgive, Release, Let Go, and Move on!
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Contact Maria Dancing Heart NOW to set up an appointment for one of her powerful, life transformative Auric Clearings! Or, just call her for a 15-minute FREE Consultation. Maria'a email is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and phone: (425) 367-9788.

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Articles Maria has Published
What If the Whole World Is on Hospice?
What If the Whole World Is on Hospice?

We are at a very interesting time in human history. The New Thought movement calls this time the Shift of the Ages. Many long-term time cycles – to the tune of 26,000 years, are merging together and »

We are at a very interesting time in human history. The New Thought movement calls this time the Shift of the Ages. Many long-term time cycles – to the tune of 26,000 years, are merging together and a great deal of love and light frequency is coming onto the planet. This is why the entire world – and what we're used to – apparently seems to be "going crazy," especially when you pay any attention..

Rev. Maria Hoaglund · March 6th, 2016

Rev. Maria Hoaglund · March 6th, 2016