Ms. Maria Shine Stewart MA LPC

Maria Shine Stewart

I am a positive-psychology oriented professional, both a licensed counselor and a writing teacher. Call 216-543-4891 if you recognize already this is a combination that could work for you. I like working with creative types as well as those dedicated to service.

To clients I bring my blend of skills to help them gain insight into others and, of course, themselves.

Furthermore, I am a professional writer with a lifelong passion for words. Reading and writing can be incorporated into the healing relationship with my clients.

Holding master's degrees in both English and in Counseling, I am a lifelong learner. My office is full of books for client use and/or for use together in sessions. Journals, too. Reading and writing are important modalities, using creativity and imagination.

We all want to see results in counseling, coaching, or learning: I am able to work in partnership with women and men of all walks of life, races, ethnicities, and religions. Diversity is not just a buzzword in my work philosophy; it is my lived experience, growing up in an immigrant neighborhood in the Cleveland, Ohio area with families who spoke English flavored with a variety of accents. The world is my home -- and yours. Teach me how you are unique, and we will work together to help you strengthen relationships and celebrate your identity.

Well grounded in diagnostic assessment, I always keep my heart and ears open for client strengths. If you become my client, you will sense this from the first session onward throughout therapy. We grow "from strength to strength."

Addictions? Sustaining sobriety or releasing one's self from other addictions is among my specialties, honed in settings such as the Cleveland V.A. (veterans) Medical Center and several other local agencies. Do you think you know what started your addiction? See me, and we'll work together to gain insights and build a track record of healthy tools to fill that need.

I will add that one of my personal heroes is Dr. Marsha Linehan, creator of dialectical behavior therapy or DBT. I am also inspired by Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison (a gifted wounded-healer herself, open about her bipolar diagnosis), Ms. Carrie Fisher (the beloved actress and writer who died in 2016), Dr. Carl Rogers (common ground and the power of relationships), Dr. Abraham Maslow (self-actualization, hierarchy of needs), Dr. James Pennebaker (writing as a therapeutic process), Dr. Abraham Low (community-based self-help), and many others who examine (and embody) human potential.

Couples counseling? Yes. You may wish to know that I also have a track record of helping couples renew their mutual commitment and understanding of each other to strengthen their bond.

Please call me or email me to discuss your situation. Because I respect clients' individuality, I am not a "same old, same old" person. Rather, I strive to blend counseling techniques with a relationship of empathy and respect. Constructive, positive relationships, beginning with the relationship with each client, makes life richer, more fulfilling, and a constant adventure. Call 216-543-4891. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

All the best in 2017.

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