Miss Maribeth Baxter HHC

Holistic Health Coach
Maribeth Baxter

Credentials: Certification

Institution: The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

In practice since: 2015

Chronic illness and pain are a scary and messy encounter, even for the best of people. It is okay to be messy and have the complexities of being human. During chronic illness/pain life gets more complicated; challenging our bodies, our minds and certainly our spirits. Every relationship we have becomes deeply impacted from this. It is a struggle of monumental proportions. It is hard to come up with a practical plan to incorporate doctor’s instructions and sift through the overwhelming amount of health information on the Internet. Chronic illness and pain can be so all-encompassing that we feel like it has taken over our lives and that is who we have become. We can easily get lost in it, and understandably so but we do not want to get stuck in it.

As we find ways to heal our bodies, we learn about diet and lifestyle and the profound impact they can have on our well-being and healing. This takes practice, lots of it. It takes encouragement and resources to make wise choices for your particular body. As you reap the rewards of your hard work you become empowered to thrive. Experiencing a healthy lifestyle can lead to wanting a deeper healing providing purpose and meaning to life.

At this point we have many health coaches who have been through the depths of disease and chronic illness/pain who have much to offer those currently suffering. Through our own experiences we have learned to be the caretakers of our own bodies, making wise choices in nutrition and lifestyle. Taking full responsibility of our bodies requires courage and support. Support can come in the form of health coaching by a certified health coach. With my certification I have been able to provide support that includes knowledge, wisdom, practical solutions and a passion to make any part of someone else's health journey more comforting. The range of obstacles can be overwhelming during chronic illness and pain but there is help and hope.

These experiences can be transforming and actually a rewarding experience. Some of us have the privilege to be grateful for our health journeys that helped us step into a healthy and abundant life. Personally, I would never wish the experience on anyone. Yet I know the benefits of the fight and I am honored to walk alongside those who find themselves in the heat of this battle wanting to find soul lessons from the experience. Discovering the deeper meaning of the agony brings a whole new level of life, leading to an amazing wholeness. Coming out the other side an awake, authentic and thriving individual with much to offer the world is worth every effort. Join me in healing from the soul to the cell.

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