Mr. Martin Musson

Exercise and Training
Martin Musson

Credentials: Certification

Institution: National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certification: Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certification Year: 2009

In practice since: 2009

I have more than 40 years worth of active knowledge related to physical health and currently still work as a personal trainer specializing in corrective exercises for common problems related to human movement. I am the author of e-book "How to run for your life, pain free with no compensations. Typical symptoms, causes, corrective exercises and rehab." The e-book is valid and useful for all people who spend time on their feet not just runners. I also am the owner/blogger of which is a comprehensive informative website for all people whether they are walkers, joggers or runners and I am not trying to sell you anything.

Books Martin has Published

How to run for your life pain free with no compensations

Typical symptoms, causes, corrective exercises and rehab

The information within this e-book is applicable to all people who spend time on their feet. It gives typical examples of painful issues that can develop from incorrect ways in which we move, how to find the root cause that creates these issues and how to rectify them simplistically. There are amusing true stories relating to some of the issues and the book is packed with photos to assist in rehab. It is 5 star rated by reviewers on Amazon's site.