Ms. Martina Faulkner LMSW, RMT, CTACC

Author, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Social Worker, and Reiki Master Teacher
Martina Faulkner

Credentials: License

Institution: Coach Training Alliance

Certification: Certification

Certification Year: 2009

Institution: University of Houston

Graduated: 2013

In practice since: 2009

As an author and Life Coach, Martina’s goal is to inspire and assist others in creating a meaningful and joy-filled life. Ever the student, Martina E. Faulkner, LMSW, is constantly exploring, learning, and creating multi-faceted approaches to wellness that work.

Martina’s training as a certified Life Coach, psychotherapist, and Reiki Master Teacher sets her apart in the wellness industry, guiding her to conceive powerful, life-changing workshops and books.

Whether it’s developing customized guided meditations, using her intuitive gifts to connect with the Universe, or reaching into her tool bag for coaching or psychotherapeutic interventions, Martina establishes a dynamic space in which her readers and clients are supported and called upon to grow and excel.
Martina has conducted workshops for corporations, non-profit organizations, women’s groups, and individuals. Through these workshops and one-on-one sessions, she teaches her clients how to actualize a more meaningful, healthy, and joy-filled life.

Martina currently resides in the Chicagoland area with her family and her dog. She writes weekly for her InspireBytes™ blog, and already has three more book projects underway, focusing on authenticity, spirituality, and positive change. In her down time, Martina enjoys being in nature or pursuing her creative outlets, such as photography, painting, and jewelry making.

Books Martina has Published

What if..?

How to Create the Life You Want Using the Power of Possibility

What If..? How to Create the Life You Want Using the Power of Possibility explores the empowering side of manifesting and the role of choice in creating the life you want. In its pages, you will learn: • How to uncover your personal belief systems that may be obstacles to creating your best life • How to identify your core values, from which creating your best life becomes possible • The top ten guidelines for manifesting and creating the life you want • How to manifest meaningful and joy-filled