Ms. Mary Helen Conroy

Mary Helen  Conroy

Mary Helen Conroy is a reinvention life coach and change strategist. Her past life chapters include careers as a public librarian, sales director for the publication Women in Higher Education and over 30 years as an adjunct professor. Finding herself stepping out of her career job at 62, she said, “what next”. The “what next” became three companies:

1), a weekly podcast for the nearly and newly retired with her co-founder, Carol Larson.
2) Life’s a Daring Adventure (, “and I’m not done yet!” her brand for life coaching and professional speaking. She is in the process of creating “Dream Camps” for adults wishing to reinvent their lives.
3) Author ( In January 2017, she also published the book Itty Bitty Retirement Book: 15 Essential Tips for the Nearly and Newly Retired which became a #1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller on April 20th.

Regardless what she’s working on, her goal is to remind those over 50 that life is a daring adventure and they're not done yet!

Life's a Daring Adventure (and I'm not done yet!)
Books Mary Helen has Published

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Retirement Book

15 Essential Tips for you, the nearly and newly retired

Have an Amazing Retirement by Focusing on You and Your Life Not Just Your Money! Every day 10,000 people retire. After spending decades working, it’s a big shock facing the personal challenges of the next part of your life. In this thought provoking Itty Bitty Book, Mary Helen Conroy shows you how to anticipate and plan for the bonus years after a career. Amazing advice tips include how to make friends over 50 to recognizing the good, the bad and the ugly in your life following the retirement party.