Master Hughes A.S,B.S,M.S TTAC,

Cognitive Behavioral
Master Hughes

Institution: University of TEXAS

Graduated: 2001

In practice since: 1997

Dai roshi, Master Hughes, is a Zen Buddhist practitioner his buddhist name is Shinkai-kosei,meaning Deep ocean.

The Venerable Master Hughes or Roshi is a highly respected Zen Master and highly recognized for his humanitarian work. He operated the dainoshin ji temple for 20 years. One of the few Zen Masters in Texas and the U.S, He has been recognized as having extensive expertise and training and is a highly gifted teacher he is presently in Houston Texas. Having practiced a life time of Zen He also holds two degrees in criminology and he has taken specialized cognitive training, and has held certification as a traumatic stress res ponder. Probably one of the most highly trained Buddhists in the U.S in his field.
There are many Zen masters that have gained some notoriety as Buddhists, but few have been so highly recognized for their individual accomplishments. He has trained thousands of individuals including law enforcement and crisis center workers.

He was the first Buddhist Master to be recognized in the north east Texas area appearing in numerous articles. Even though he has appeared before thousands of people he is still a relatively quiet person often staying at the center quietly doing his humanitarian work.
Well known for his work having spent twenty years working with troubled and violent youth.
Master Hughes one stated “what good is a monk who accomplishes a life of sitting in robes without leaving his mark on the world."
Master Hughes is an engaged Buddhist his past speaks for itself, he clearly defines action over opinions.

He is the most accomplished Zen master in Texas, a lifelong advocate and anti violence expert. He has worked with troubled and violent youth, trained crisis centers, from sitting on committees to working on internet infrastructure, to training executives in security and safety procedures, his is a life of action not talk.

As a expert in anti violence training, Master Hughes has even traveled to New York to provide security training for an international company with staff in Mexico. It is good that someone in the Buddhist community is so recognized. His expertise also includes training for humanitarian workers in traumatic stress and anti violence programs.
His Buddhist name reflects his depth of knowledge, he has lectured at many institutions including the Killeen leadership academy and the University of Texas.