Ms. Melinda Janicki

Melinda Janicki

Looking for something different? How about Revolutionary Marketing, marketing that cultivates a unique marketing blueprint for your business by implementing a mix of intuitive business processes and proven Digital Marketing systems.

I am an expert at implementing the key elements of Online Lead Gen that create a surge of leads and convert to sales over and over again. PLUS I know how to tune into what unique energy can be infused or shifted in to your marketing to help you stand out and connect with your ideal client.


I've been freelancing in the online game for 11+ years building a tool box of online success, from web design/development, funnel creation, lead generation, growth hacking/marketing and a whole set of technology based marketing tools.

I developed these skills by being on the inside of many high 6 & 7 figure projects working with students from 2 famed marketing Organizations, the JT Foxx Million Dollar Coaching Program & students of The Glazier-Kennedy Group.

But I don't stop there, as the energy of your intention and your business supports everything you do, especially the marketing. So I tune into your uniqueness and the unique needs of your customer to create custom content and marketing collateral infused with a supportive clear energy that clears out any limiting beliefs, or energetic blocks and allows for a greater return on your efforts.

My passion is in the mission of the companies I work with. To support companies that are apart of growing communities and enhancing peoples lives, gets me super excited.

Let's connect! Use my online scheduler (link below) and book a free call with me where I will assess your current marketing efforts and help you get clear about what are the next best cost-effective steps to a surge of quality leads OR if you think we can be AWESOME strategic partners schedule a Get to Know You Chat using the same link below:

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