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Hi! I’m Melissa Burch, and I’m a bestselling author, teacher and speaker who inspires men and women to develop their own spiritual practice rooted in the teachings of the heroine’s journey.

"My Journey Through War and Peace" is the first book of my Pathfinder Series, a series of memoirs that are the cornerstone to developing a spiritual practice. The first memoir shares my journey of understanding and connecting to the Divine, my adventures in war zones and peace efforts during the Cold War, and the synthesizing of both as a catalyst for collective evolution and zeitgeist for integrating the inner and outward directives in our lives.

I wrote two more memoirs inspired by different decades of my life, one which delves deeper into the realization of magic and homeopathy and the third which discusses the importance of relationships and transforming fears. And, in the spirit of Celestine Prophecy, I’m writing an accompanying guide for the memoirs to ground lessons learned so you can chart your own spiritual journey along the way!

I was inspired to write these memoirs and help others navigate their own spiritual journeys for a few reasons.

Since my early teenage years, I’ve been on a spiritual quest, which was initially based on the Buddhist tradition. I followed my father's beliefs as he became a Zen Master in the Rinzai tradition. I searched for answers about the meaning of life and how to navigate life from intuition and an inward knowing connected to the Divine. "My Journey Through War and Peace," focuses on ten years, during my twenties when I was compelled to act in courageous ways (going to a war zone and to the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War), while propelled by an intense anxiety that led to insight, transformation and new challenges.

During that same time period, I was coming to terms with her alcoholic mother, who was Sylvia Plath's roommate at Smith College, my weight issues and my desire to be a filmmaker. It all seemed to be happening at once--my news stories on Afghanistan were broadcasted on CBS, BBC, ZDF, NHK and other international television stations. I was also featured in "The New York Times'" article “Afghan Areas show How War Cuts Fabric of Life.” This was followed by my experience and news story on American teenagers traveling in the Soviet Union that was broadcasted on CBS. All these life experiences led me to produce a national public television series called, Women in Limbo Presents, a five-part series using an autobiographical format for women to tell their truths. It was a life-changing decade.

After the birth of my son, my interest was focused on health care and discovering the power of homeopathy over mainstream medical care in healing childhood diseases such as otitis media, flus, and coughs. I took courses and then began the formal study of homeopathy. This form of medicine connected my understanding of energy, consciousness and healing. This expansive paradigm integrated my spiritual practices and medicine. I became an advocate for homeopathy, hosted a weekly radio show on homeopathy for Voice America, co-founded Catalyst School of Homeopathy, and wrote five books for homeopaths' practices, "Vital Sensation Manual, Units 1-5: Based on the Sensation Method & Classical Homeopathy." The books were translated into German, Portuguese and Spanish and are bestsellers in the homeopathy field.

Memoir writing became my next quantum leap, which gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and re-emerge as a teacher of life. I began writing My Journey Through War and Peace right after I turned fifty years old. A good time to review a half-century of a life. I spent the previous year reviewing my past in ten five-year-blocks following a journal writing exercise I described in my Amazon Bestselling book, "The Four Methods of Journal Writing: Finding Yourself Through Memoir.


In addition to gearing up for the publication of my second memoir this fall, I also teach online courses focused on helping people develop their spiritual practices and navigate their own heroine’s journey. I’ll be launching my next course soon. Should you be interested in participating, be sure to subscribe HERE at

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Ms. Melissa Burch · June 19th, 2016

Ms. Melissa Burch · June 19th, 2016