Dr. Michael Craig D.C. (retired)

Michael Craig

Dr. Michael Craig is an author (The Logical Soul, The Money Matrix Method, and The Six Figure Coach), retired chiropractor, speaker, life coach and business owner. His trademarked transformation techniques have changed the lives and fortunes of many leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, and he currently provides training courses on how to dramatically improve your results in life, such as making more money and improving your relationships.

Dr. Craig coined the terms “Logical Soul®” and “motivational cybernetics”(tm) to best describe the processes underlying his methods. He points out that our deepest motivations are set in place by very early decisions, or by the decisions of others (i.e., parents, ancestors, etc). By using a simple form of feedback – or cybernetics – we can tap into those hidden decisions and change them, thereby changing our inner motivation and, consequently, our results. He offers private sessions and online training for self-help to clients around the world.

Dr. Craig is founder and CEO of Logical Soul LLC, a marketing and educational organization since 2009. He has launched a number of coaching products and services to date, including print and Kindle books, reports and CDs, an online Life Coach Certification Online (with Dr. Ron Owens), and advanced coach training online and through webinars and workshops.

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