Mr. Michael Goulding LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
Michael Goulding

Credentials: License

Institution: NC Board of Social Work

Certification: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certification Year: 1997

Institution: SUNY at Buffalo

Graduated: 1995

In practice since: 1995

Mike is a licensed behavioral health therapist who blends his twenty-five years of experience in mental health crisis intervention with his martial arts background. Mike’s background includes working on a national crisis team for a Fortune 100 company, working for a leadership development company and working as a social worker at an alternative high school. Mike and his wife, Cindy, launched their company “VICTORIOUS”, specializing in life management through coaching, counseling, consulting, workshops and fitness classes for personal and professional growth. Mike currently is a managing partner Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare, PLLC where he runs his outpatient practice.

His book, “Protecting Your Inner Peace” incorporates the Aikido concepts (The Japanese Art of Peace) into practical steps for maintaining peaceful verbal interactions with people while also meeting your needs. Like Aikido, you do not have to harm your opponent in order to protect yourself. Learn verbal ways to maintain your position without having to hurt the feelings of others. Goulding outlines these steps in an easy to use technique that everyone can quickly apply to their lives.