Dr. Michael Wheat DC, RN

Michael  Wheat

Dr. Michael Wheat has been a lifelong learner and explorer of health, healing and overall core being. His exploration steered him into studying the body as an aspect of being, landing him in four medically related professions — nursing, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy.

Each of his medical studies where foundational and added another deeper layer to his understanding, wisdom and further inquiry. As he uncovered unresolved physical answers, each area he studied left him with more questions. Consequently, he began seeking new and exciting energetic and spiritual answers with innovative solutions.

Dr. Michael has studied New Thought Spirituality for over 20 years and has drawn on universal principles to manifest his own reality. This has brought him a heightened level of awareness for the energetic nature of the body-mind and further exploration of the link between physicality and spirituality. Emergent spirituality is his current path and the way of the mystic, allowing Life to unfold through him.

He has working knowledge of health and healing on many different levels and creates an environment where all are welcome and are encouraged to participate in their own path to Wellness.

Dr. Michael is an author, lecturer, seminar facilitator and Wellness collaborator. He is also instrumental in creating a new rice program feeding and educating poor children in the Philippines.

Combining his medical knowledge and spiritual wisdom with the appreciation of Wellness, Dr. Michael nurtures others toward their unique expression. This is reached through balance, creativity and healthy lifestyles. He is currently birthing businesses that are in support of the body temple and deep spiritual connection.

Pure Life Greens and Ripple Hydro Eatery, two Phoenix-based companies, are his latest ventures supporting healthy lifestyles with living foods and detox programs. He recently co-founded and launched ImpulsUS Community, a new spiritual community located in Scottsdale, AZ.


Holistic Wellness Living was founded to provide a unique approach which ushers in powerful and transformative healing. Here we hold a sacred healing space to open the doors for your higher vibration and celebrate your lifetime of wellness. This is an educational, transformational and mentoring company founded by Dr. Michael Wheat. It is a springboard for all things Wellness and for leading an extraordinary life. Holistic Wellness Living is based on creating balance and abundance in all areas of your life by leveraging creativity and individual connection with Source. Holistic Wellness Living is an exploration in clarity of vision, singularity of purpose, intensity of belief, and depth of gratitude.

The vision for Holistic Wellness Living is to assist individuals to attain complete alignment and true resonance with their greatest expression and life’s mission. In doing so, Holistic Wellness Living seeds the planet with legacy builders and fulfills its own destiny and leaves legacy through truly empowered individuals.

This mission of Holistic Wellness Living is to provide a platform of powerfully transformative tools and techniques to up-level lives and foster legacy. Spiritual technologies are key to this transformation. We promote a healthy integrated lifestyle full of purpose and passion to embrace extraordinary lives in exotic locales. In addition, we will soon be offering mind-body distraction detox programs and transformative retreats throughout the world including locations in northern Arizona, Costa Rica, Philippines, Bali and Thailand.

Holistic Wellness Living
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