Mrs. Michelle Bohls LMFT, IRT, CGP, EMDR

Michelle Bohls

Overcoming anxiety can be challenging on your own.
Many of my clients find that they begin to feel better as we explore new ways to see themselves and their relationships.
Relief comes as we uncover some deeper truths.

I am passionate about redefining how the world understands highly intuitive people while working to help them to harness their gifts for innovation, empathy, and healing others. Many intuitive people have lost their connection to their inner wisdom and wind up suffering from anxiety, self doubt, depression, and feeling lost. Therapy can be a powerful way of reconnecting to your inner wisdom. As my clients heal they find themselves freer to have all of their feelings and feel fully alive again.


Michelle specializes in working with all types of artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and other highly intuitive people in their struggles to overcome emotional blocks, most of which are rooted in anxiety, shame, and other overwhelming feelings that affect both the individual’s work and their personal relationships. She has lectured internationally on highly intuitive people and the nine traits of intuition. In addition to individual and relationship therapy, she runs two long-term process therapy groups. Michelle practices integrative care which means that she works holistically with the mind, body and spirit and coordinates her patient's care with acupuncturists, chiropractors, healers and professionals who do reiki and massage.

Michelle maintains certifications and membership in the in the EMDR International Association as a certified EMDR therapist, in the American Group Psychotherapy Association as a CGP (certified group psychotherapist), in Imago Relationships International as a CIT (Certified Imago Therapist) and a Certified GTLYW (Getting The Love You Want Weekend) Workshop Presenter).

$175 a session for individuals, weekly sessions (as available)
$225 for couples sessions
three preparatory sessions ($150 each) prior to starting group + $60 a week for weekly group therapy

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8500 Shoal Creek Blvd
Building 4, Suites 114 & 170
Austin, Texas

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