Michelle Burns BSN, BS ALt.Med., LMT, BCMT

Massage Therapist
Michelle Burns

Credentials: License

Institution: State of Texas

Certification: Board Certification in Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Certification Year: 2014

Institution: Everglades University at Boca Raton

Graduated: 2006

In practice since: 1992

Michelle Burns, BSN, BSAlt.Med., LMT, MTI, CEP, BCTMB is the founder of Advanced Holistic Healing Arts and is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (278). Michelle began learning about health and healing at a very young age, having many experiences with hospitals and doctors as a child. Her family embraced many forms of healing, such as chiropractic, that were not common when she was a child. As she grew up, she found pleasure in “helping” others, and in her early teens, began volunteering in nursing homes and hospitals. She chose to enter the military and was assigned to Walter Reed Army Hospital and achieved a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland. She went on to receive advanced training in surgical nursing which gave her a great understanding of the anatomy of the body. After a time, she went on to study gerontology as well as behavioral nursing and realized how connected our lifestyle choices are to our health and quality of life.
After 15+ years of nursing, Michelle was reminded of the many studies done in the 70’s on the effects of touch and felt it would be beneficial to bring touch back to nursing. She attended massage training and began incorporating massage into her nursing practice, providing healing through massage for patients recovering from injuries or severe illnesses. After several years, it became clear there was still a piece missing, so Michelle attended Everglades University at Boca Raton and completed a bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine. Combining traditional and alternative medicine with her knowledge of healing processes has allowed her to take a unique and truly integrated approach to healing and wellness.
A natural result of her desire to help others led her to begin teaching others the skills she had learned and developed. She currently teaches business and pathology for A New Beginning School of Massage, advanced continuing education classes for massage therapists, specialized advanced bodywork classes for Cross Country Education and Adult Learning Theory for those wishing to teach adult workshops and classes successfully.

Advanced Holistic Healing Arts

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P.O. Box 41626
Austin, Texas

Areas of Specialty

Chronic Pain

Sleep or Insomnia

Success Coaching


Treatment Methods

Massage Therapy

Pain Management

Books Michelle has Published

Creating Successful Vocational Adult Learning Experiences: A Step by Step Guide

This book comprises a 30-hour course in the basic principles of adult learning, instructional design and classroom management. It is intended to provide Licensed Massage Therapists, and other interested professionals, with a basic foundation for teaching the adult student in vocational settings, such as massage education programs and continuing education classes. The Creating Successful Adult Vocational Students book provides an overview of the principles of adult learning, instructional design,