Dr. Michelle Ennsmann DC, ND

Michelle Ennsmann

CNM Care is an holistic healthcare clinic located in downtown Winfield, Illinois.  Opened in April of 2015, our mission is to empower individuals by fostering knowledge, health and wellness through personalized holistic healthcare and massage.  We offer monthly health talks that contain one hour of comprehensive information on a specific health issue, and we provide complimentary chair massages up to 30 minutes before the talk is scheduled (first come, first served). We welcome new patients and massage clients. 
Dr. Michelle Ennsmann graduated with her chiropractic medicine degree from National University of Health Sciences in 2011 and her naturopathic medicine degree in April of 2014.  Her passion for healing is what drives her to be the most ethical, health care provider and educator in Winfield and its surrounding communities. 

Cassandra Ennsmann is a licensed massage therapist and chiropractic assistant and received her degrees from National University of Health Sciences in 2013. She has worked with Dr. Ennsmann to develop a therapeutic massage technique that is gentler and works with the body’s natural tendencies toward healing. She incorporates this into her custom massages, which also include aromatherapy for maximum health benefits.

CNM Care
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Winfield, Illinois