Mr. Mitchell Dahood M.A.

Life Coach
Mitchell Dahood

Credentials: Certification

Institution: American Hypnosis Association

Certification: Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certification Year: 1997

Institution: University of Santa Monica

Graduated: 2002

In practice since: 1997

I work with creative professionals to discover and unleash the power of their purpose...develop a step by step blueprint to ensure their success in fulfilling their purpose and identifying and removing any mental/emotional blocks that may prevent them from fulfilling their purpose. In addition to my own proprietary process I call "Breakthrough Genesis", I use a variety of tools and techniques depending on the individual and the situation. These include but are not limited to Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Therapuetic Imagery Facilitation and more. I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, am Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Imagery Facilitation and have completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education in various modalities. The best way to know if we are a good fit to work together is to request a free consultation during which I will ask you six super powerful questions to clarify what you really want and why it is important to you personally to achieve it. Request your free consultation now. I look forward to our conversation.

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