Ms. Nannette Bosh CPC

Nannette  Bosh

Nannette Bosh has been leading and motivating teams for more than twenty years. An expert on empowering others through individual and group self-development, Bosh elevates entrepreneurs to peak personal and professional performance. A passionate business owner her focus is on leadership transparency, interpersonal communication and elevating employee engagement. Solution driven, Nannette teaches small business owners how to creatively increase market presence by building brand loyalty, gaining media exposure and magnifying online visibility on a modest budget. Her personal struggle to success contributes brilliantly to her speaking, training and coaching persona. Energetic and humorous her enthusiasm is contagious.

Throughout her career and many years spent as an entrepreneur, brand builder and marketer, published author Nannette Bosh has been featured countless times in print, radio and televised media including a CBS Prime-Time Special. Her ability to inspire and connect along with a motivational style of post writing earned her a worldwide social media ranking among the Top 50 Facebook Elite (alongside Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore and Premier Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith) hailed by

Following the sale of her third business in 2014, Nannette accepted a corporate management position with focus on human resources. She coached, trained and mentored corporate managers and staff and was promoted to company Assistant Executive Director after only four months. However multi-passionate Bosh longed to share her expertise and training workshops around the globe. After eighteen months she resigned from her corporate position and set out on a new journey seeking to advance training methods and boost the effectiveness and sustainability of the traditional coaching practices she studied in 2009, earning her the Certified Professional Coach designation.

Nannette’s ambitious journey led her to NGH Certified Instructor Barbara Herr where she studied the modern methodologies of; Visualization, EFT, Hypnosis and Parts Therapy. She then turned to the NGH earning her NLP Practitioner Certification. In 2016 Bosh was mentored by Jack Canfield she studied his Success Principles, the Canfield Methodology, guided meditation, laser coaching and his innovative training techniques. After eight months of study Bosh became a Certified Canfield Trainer.

Now the Founder of How to School and Creator of Go Online Pro, you’ll find Nannette Bosh not only empowering others but teaching them how to utilize their potential to achieve greater professional and personal success. Compassionate advocate of the elderly she takes great pride in supporting her favorite charities and recently developed the Small Businesses Care network. Bosh has two sons and currently resides with her husband in Connecticut.