Nationwide Merchant Solutions

Nationwide Merchant Solutions

Today, healthcare businesses which include hospitals, dental clinics, optical shops run by optometrists, physical therapy centers, assisted living medical facilities and others want to benefit from state-of-the-art payment processing software and hardware as well as inventory control and advanced reporting tools. The biggest challenge in that is patient loads are up while costs have to be kept under check. What most healthcare providers really need are scalable and efficient merchant services at affordable rates.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is here to help the healthcare community by providing exactly what you need. We also know that the healthcare industry is widely adopting credit card processing and that is why we have industry-specific POS systems that can meet the needs of every healthcare business out there. By adopting our products and services, you will benefit from:

- Highly responsive hardware that minimizes the waiting time for your customers
- Offline modes that permits you to coordinate your operations just as efficiently during an internet outage
- Comprehensive inventory tracking
- Detailed sales reports which you can consult as often as you want
- Reports on your top selling products and customers’ preferences
- Cloud-based system that allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere
- Guaranteed security for both you and your clients via the latest encryptions and security features
- Access to real-time information regarding your healthcare facility
- Unlimited database capacity and system scalability
- Simple inventory management and cataloging
- Automatically process customer payments (with quick printing of receipts)
- Age verification features

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