Mr. Nevin Eckert

Nevin Eckert

Nevin Eckert has been researching holistic health, water quality and water technologies for 22 years.Nevin, has lived a lifelong passion and empathy for nature. Its Nevins mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide inspiring people to obtain sovereignty for their personal health through the quality of water they drink on a daily basis. Nevin’s approach to water quality is holistic and all natural. His philosophy is based in the understanding that when water is in its purest form and at its highest quality, its a "Living Substance" endowed with both physical and energetic qualities. After many years of research Nevin has discovered there is no single best drinking water system. This has led him to create a custom drinking water system solution, configured with state of the art components, to purify and transform any water – from well water to the nastiest city water. This custom system will deliver you the highest quality drinking water, creating a medicinal spring water quality with therapeutic properties, providing you Water with superior nourishing and hydrating abilities, better than any bottled water you can buy.

TrueSpring "water quality solutions"

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