Mr. P J Churchill

P J Churchill

I am an author who writes books. Am passionate about it too.
I write poetry books and also starting to extend into other areas too now.
Spiritual, Love, Friendships are some of the subjects that I cover in my poems.
I enjoy activities such as sport, writing, music, walking.
Recently moved from the UK to Canada.

Books P J has Published

Broadening my Horizons - Living with Epilepsy

‘Broadening my Horizons’ - Living with Epilepsy is my story about how life has been for me from a young age. Going through the daily struggles and hurdles that I have surpass so far. There came a time that got me thinking, “Would there be anything that could possibly be done about the Epilepsy”? An inspirational book encouraging and promoting positive thinking. By never giving up on anything that one wishes to accomplish and also follow your dreams.

Always by Your Side

This is our first collaboration. We share our thoughts, short stories and poetry from real life events that changed our lives, making a difference in our belief and having dreams come true. The writings are taken from true lovers, friendships that have lasted forever and yes from the loss of a partner, friend or family member passing. That no matter the distance, be it a different country or those in spirit we have the ability to stay connected. The writings may give the reader chills or remember

Spiritual Guiding From Those Above Us

Spiritual guidance comes to us in many ways. The poetry in this book is a great book for readers to relax with. Also Spiritual Churches or Centers that has a book area may also find great interest as the subject matter was from personal experiences. Attending Spiritual Church services and being shown the proof that people who have passed over into spirit are still watching over us even though we cannot see them. Our loved ones look over us from spirit as we go along our daily life. Yet from time