Mrs. Patricia Iris Kerins DHP

Patricia Iris  Kerins

I have been working with professional women to unleash and empower their authentic primal voice within, for 30 years. Building good self esteem, self respect, love and worth. All vital ingredients to reconstructing your voice, feeling happy to step up, stand up and speak out! If you havefelt unduly self conscious, going red before speaking, constantly clearing your throat, having lots of throat 'itis' situations and generally shy of really expressing your needs in relationships, jobs and careers, then I can truly help. i work with your past life situations, this life time and before plus your conditioning andprogramming from aeons ago when the Divine Feminine was denigrated and effectively removed as an equal contribitor to society. I work with you comapssionately and with understanding to bring you back home to your heart and soul - to being all of YOU!!

Patricia Iris Kerins & Love Power