Patrick Ryan CPCC, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Executive Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, AWE Vision Quest Guide, Author
Patrick Ryan

Credentials: Certification

Institution: CTI; HTI

Certification: CPCC, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certification Year: 1999

Institution: HTI

Graduated: 2014

In practice since: 1997

Your Vision Quest Guide
Bestselling Author
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Leadership, Executive & Life Coach
Former Buddhist Monk
Shamanic Practitioner
Speaker & Workshop, Retreat Leader​

About Patrick J. Ryan

Patrick J. Ryan is a bestselling author, former Buddhist monk, an executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, leadership trainer, AWE Vision Quest Guide, and founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences Inc®.

Patrick has lived his life out on the edge, living into his vision, and all the while sharing what he has learned through his books, coaching and the vision quest retreats and workshops that he loves to lead.

As a former Buddhist monk in Burma (now Myanmar), he practiced the path of awakened living, according to Buddhist philosophy.

As well Patrick has studied with a variety of indigenous teachers in Asia, North America, Mexico, and Peru.

"I love to invite in the mystical and the pragmatic. This life is so full of wonder and wonderful in the way. Our daily experience is a mirror for what our inner world wants us to know."

Patrick works with executives, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives, focusing on expanding possibilities, questions of personal effectiveness and leadership as well as with individuals seeking the “truth” of who they are. He guides healing journeys and vision quests and supports people in revealing the meaning and purpose that they are called to.

Leaders will only take their organizations, visions and dreams, as far as they themselves have dared to go.

"Leadership is about taking us somewhere in response to what wants to be born. You have got to go out to the edge of what is known, in presence, and learn how to navigate beyond if you are to fulfill your calling as a creator of tomorrow."

As a volunteer Patrick has worked with life prisoners in San Quentin Prison leading circles of men towards walking a good walk according the Eight States of an Awakened Life™ as described in his book, Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance.

Patrick has also volunteered in a restorative justice juvenile mediation program in California.

He powerfully integrates his rich life experiences with ancient teachings and modern applications to help deepen his clients’ understandings of their own experiences.

What we create as entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and wild ass creatives is only limited by our own willingness to expand in consciousness.

Are we the dreamer or the dreamed - yes.

Let's figure it out together.

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