Dr. Paul Weinzweig PhD

Paul Weinzweig

Paul Weinzweig was born in 1943 and grew up in Toronto, Canada, where he earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Toronto (1970) and went on to do volunteer research work in West Africa at a community mental health project. He has taught in the social sciences at several Canadian universities and helped to pioneer and present televised distance education. Paul served as Associate Director of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations where he managed negotiations between university teachers and the new provincial distance education authority (TV Ontario) that laid the ground rules for the participation of university teachers in the new electronic educational media. Paul has conducted research in many areas including private school education, the role of international nongovernmental organizations in peace and disarmament, the plight of Canada's indigenous peoples migrating from rural to urban areas, and cultural programming for Toronto's Harborfront development.

In 1987, during the advent of Perestroika, Paul was invited to the Soviet Union, where his book on creativity and self-realization was published in Russian. The book became a best-seller and he was encouraged to make a television series for Soviet Central Television based on the book's themes. The 14-part TV series ("To the Promised Land..."), blending Russian performing arts with talks on social and psychological change, became part of a fund-raising effort by Paul and his wife Paulina to support the renowned but struggling Natalya Sats Musical Theater.

The latest book of Paul “The Dreamer Whose Dream Came True: Character, Consciousness and the Roots of Creativity” is available in print and audio, as well as in an electronic version of mixed media, containing 33 video clips in a unique collaboration of the author’s presentation of ideas with the performing arts, especially staged for “The Dreamer”.

The mixed-media electronic, print and audio versions of the book "The Dreamer Whose Dream Came True" are available at Barnes and Nobel, Apple i-Tunes, at the Amazon site: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Whose-Dream-Came-True-ebook/dp/B00ICABYOQ and at the Audible site: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Whose-Dream-Came-True/dp/B01COP0NXW/

Other published books by Paul Weinzweig available at Amazon:

“The Sea is Only Knee Deep” (2 volumes),
“Technology and Humanism”,
“A Fare to Remember: Taxi Stories, School Confessions, and Family Reflections”

Books Paul has Published

The Dreamer Whose Dream Came True

Character, Consciousness, and the Roots of Creativity

If you are wondering whether to be or not to be, this is the book for you. The future will be shaped not only by technology, but also by the liberation of human potential, much of it locked up in obsolete schooling. This book mines the rich cultural legacy of philosophy, folklore, and legend, especially Greek mythology, to understand their inner meaning and their relevance to the dilemmas of a troubled and confused world at the crossroads of evolution. The "Dreamer" explores the art and science of