Peggy Burns LPC

Peggy Burns

I am passionate about working with clients experiencing grief and loss. This may be the death of a loved one, or another type of loss, such as the loss of a relationship/divorce, recent job loss or retirement, a child moving out of the house, terminal illness, etc. My personal and professional experiences allow me to empathize with the depression, loneliness, numbness and shock that accompany the grieving process. I have facilitated counseling groups for survivors of cancer and bereavement, and I also have experience as the Operations Manager at the Ronald McDonald House, providing comfort, compassion, and a sense of community for families during their child's hospitalization.

I also have a vested interest in working with adolescents. Whether it’s social media, bullying, self-esteem, academic perfectionism, or college admissions, I can help your teen navigate these challenges. Today's society imposes so many stressors upon the adolescent population most of us never experienced growing up. I have co-led and facilitated counseling for adolescents at Pride Alternative School and have developed and implemented IEP's & Behavioral Intervention Plans. I also have experience as a job coach at A.E.R.O Special Education Cooperative.

My approach is compassionate, warm, and understanding, and I believe in each person’s individuality. I don’t prescribe a “one size fits all” solution to pain and will listen to you and try to understand your needs. Together we will gain insight into your situation and determine the steps and tools you can utilize to obtain a greater sense of peace in your life.

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