Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chadha MBBS. DCP. DPM. PG Dip.Psy.Stud.

Licensed Psychiatrist
Pradeep Kumar Chadha

Licensed: Yes

License: --- #14226

Expiration: 30.06.16

Credentials: License

Institution: Medical Council Ireland

Certification: Full Registration

Certification Year: 2015

Institution: University of Sheffield

Graduated: 2014

In practice since: 1986

Born and brought up in India, I came to Ireland and learnt psychiatry. Then my path changed and I learnt hypnosis. Since then I have developed my work further. Working with imagery, meditation and breathing I learnt that the basic cause of most of physical and mental illnesses is cumulative stress that is bottled up in the body. As we age, we go through various life experiences, many of which are traumatic. The physical stress produced in our bodies, stays with us. It does not go away by ending of the event in time. The accumulation of this stress has a bearing on each of our body organs. This changes the body physiology. By dissipating the impact of these bottled up tension, positive changes can be created in mind and body health. This is what I do. I call it Subjective Emotive Brief Therapy. Since 1996, I have been practicing it. Now it is available anywhere in the world, on Skype and online. I also discovered that anger, grief and trauma are the common factors that are present in almost all cases of functional psychiatric conditions- and in most psychosomatic and chronic physical conditions. "Dissolving" this tension can solve and "dissolve" many problems. I am author of three books- The Stress Barrier, Road to A Happy Life and Stress Reduction For Busy Men In Less Than Five Minutes a Day.

Areas of Specialty


Alcohol Abuse

Anger Management

Antisocial Personality

Bipolar Disorder

Borderline Personality

Chronic Impulsivity



Drug Abuse

Emotional Disturbance



Impulse Control Disorders

Mood Disorders

Narcissistic Personality

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Self Esteem


Sexual Abuse

Sexual Addiction

Sleep or Insomnia

Substance Abuse

Suicidal Ideation

Trauma and PTSD

Treatment Methods

Addictions Counseling


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Herbal Therapy


Meditation and Guided Visualization