Rachel Cieslewicz LMT

Rachel Cieslewicz

Rachel Cieslewicz offers a unique skill-set for success, while assisting the reality of a balanced happy life. She likes to call her work integrative mindfulness. What she offers her students brings one to the present state, as a way to cut through the chaos and carry out time sensitive tasks, while staying peaceful and well by integrating yoga, somatics, meditation, and breathing exercises into daily life.

She began learning mindful-based techniques at the young age of five. Rachel dedicated herself as a student of yoga during her university studies. Now with 15 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, Pilates, coaching endurance athletes, and writing columns for national and international organizations, owning her own businesses, and raising her incredible son, there has been one common thread woven into it all; integrated mindfulness.

Rachel teaches privately and in a classroom setting at her studio, Yoga Soul, as well as on-site in corporate environments to individuals, teams and entire organizations. She has a BS in Exercise Sport Science through the University of Utah, a massage certificate from Myotherapy Massage College, and thousands of hours of yoga, Pilates, endurance coaching education and experience. She also loves racing as an elite athlete as a cyclist and runner. All she teaches and lives, incorporates the mind, body, spirit connection.

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