Raymond Michael Corral MCHt MNLP

Raymond Michael Corral

My 30+ years of experience as a juvenile Probation Officer has allowed me to develop and hone skills in: Case Analysis, Personal Coaching, Parent Education, and Community Outreach among others. I have helped thousands of parents and juveniles understand the cause and effects of their personal and family dynamics. I have collaborated with and learned from Psychologists Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Parents and youth toward the development of curriculum for parenting classes approved by the juvenile court system. I have trained hundreds of deputies in classes including Child Abuse Prevention, Suicide Prevention and Motivational Interviewing.

I have now turned my attention to serving the upstanding members of my own community that have an interest in Personal Growth and Development and enhancing their Self Image and Personal Potential. NLP has become the platform from which I have been able to establish outreach enterprises in the form of R. M Corral & Associates LLC consulting firm, RMCA Coaching & most recently, the Mind Science Academy®. As a Master NLP Practitioner and trainer, I am blessed with the opportunity to transform lives by guiding everyday people through processes that free the unconscious mind of limiting beliefs and negative emotions. What’s more, I am Teaching Others to Teach Others which increases the EXPONENTIAL POTENTIAL to transform the planet for the better.

I am the author of the soon to be published “Intrinsic Parenting / An Organic Approach” and “Intrinsic living / A journey Through Personal Integration”.

Mind Science Academy® RMCA Coaching