Mr. Raymond Morris

Raymond Morris

Meditation & Healing
The aim is to reduces stress and bodily ills, to increases mental clarity and our sense of peacefulness. When we quiet ourselves we become more aware of the subtle activities of our being. This allows us to identify n├ęgative energies so we may release them, allowing us to manifest more easily what we truly desire. We will develop subtle awareness of the mind and body using specific techniques. We will unveil the true nature of our mind and we will develop an acute perception of our senses using different techniques including; conscious breathing, meditation of the senses, non-judgmental observation of the mind and guided visualization. We will explore simple, practical healing and grounding techniques. We will allow ourselves to touch our hearts and experience the inner Self. No experience necessary.

Studied meditation with the following schools; Sivannandah Yoga (UK)
Himalayan Institute (USA)
Gaia House (UK)
Vispassanna (USA & Canada)
I also worked and studied at the Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Centre for 2 1/2years. (USA)
Previous experience: Taught the main meditation class at the Yoga and Meditation Institute for one year and half. 15 Mount-Royal St., Suite 106 Montreal, 514 843 9642
Private lessons and energy-massage therapy are also available.

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Meditation and Guided Visualization