Ms. Rea Wilke CEO/ Certified Executive Coach

Life Coach
Rea Wilke

Credentials: Certification

Institution: The Life Coach Institute, The Self Talk Institute, Udemy University

Certification: Life/Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Public Speaking, Self-Talk trainer

Certification Year: 2008

In practice since: 2008

Executive Coaching Award winner, Rea Wilke aka Coach Rea is an executive Coach, an entrepreneur, sales strategists, business consultant, and marketing strategists. An expert in NLP Coaching, Personal and Professional Development, Business consulting, and marketing strategist. Coach Rea is an acclaimed Author, an acclaimed entrepreneur, and International speaker, the CEO/Founder at YOUR LIFE NOW, LLC a Professional Executive Coaching, Training, Marketing & PR Company, founded in 2008. Mrs Wilke is a featured media personal, the host & the executive producer of the Your Life Now show. Mrs Wilke brings her profession as a professional Executive Coach and her passion to help make the difference in the world to the air by providing helpful tools, tips and powerful resources to her local and global listeners, position their lives & their businesses for success.
She interviews Bestselling Authors, inspirational leaders and has been a guest on several radio & TV shows.
Mrs Wilke has been featured in radio, TV, magazines and in a full page article in the Courier News in the business section for her work as an executive Coach and her leadership training.
Mrs Wilke specializes in working with individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and groups, helping all achieve a greater Success, Self-Awareness and Self-Respect. Mrs Wilke teaches her clients how to set themselves free from old beliefs, so they can expand their lives without any limitations.

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