Rebecca Ellen Augustine

Well-Being and Happiness
Rebecca Augustine

Recognized as a Human Rights Defender by Amnesty International, I advocate for personal and social change through conscious action. I am a certified mindfulness practitioner, a Transformational Neurolinguistic Psychology coach, and a Reiki teacher.

Together with my business partner – motivational speaker, social theorist on well-being, and author Donna R. Wood – I work to show people how to equip themselves with the inner resources they need to emerge as their best selves into the family, workplace, community, nation, and global society. Donna and I do speaking engagements, and present webinars, workshops, seminars, and retreats to show people how to take effective actions to achieve meaningful personal change that transforms their experience.

I am an ordained minister and chaplain, and officiate weddings whenever I have the opportunity. I am a devoted herb gardener, grateful parent, ardent natural perfumer, terrible fencer, enthusiastic home cook, gemstone aficionado, avid reader, happy wife, amateur opera and jazz singer, passionate writer, spiritual philosopher, essential oil connoisseur, and eager student of quantum physics.

Areas of Specialty


Life Coaching


Self Esteem



Treatment Methods


Energy Work

Feng Shui

Intuition Development

Law of Attraction

Life Coaching

Meditation and Guided Visualization


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Spiritual Healing

Wealth Building