Mrs. Robin Bilazarian LCSW

Robin Bilazarian

Psychotherapist, author, lecturer , trainer with a passion for promoting the Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Tapping), stress management and communication/conflict management. My passion is to continue to lecture nationally and teach these highly effective, evidence-based, complementary mind-body techniques to both professionals and the general population. My new self-help book, Emotional Smarts (available in paperback and Kindle on covers both established techniques & the newer mind-body techniques. I have many certification, professional license and CEU's for many professionals. I work in a regional trauma hospital with staff and private practice. See

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Books Robin has Published

Emotional Smarts

60 Stress Management & Communication Techniques for Emotional Freedom

This self-help book combines highly effective, rapid relief, evidence-based Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Tapping) with mainstream stress management & communication/conflict management techniques. It is a life coach right in your hand looking at serious solutions to life's dilemma but in a humorous style. This fun, easy-to use format is like having a wise, compassionate, no-nonsense coach right at your side. The book is meant to be a guide; read techniques 1, 2 and 3 and Chapter 3 to get the