Mr. Roland Kemokai AA, BA, CLC

Roland Kemokai

I am an intuitive and strategic guide serving you in the capacity of a certified, experienced life coach. Intuitively speaking, I take you deep inside as we uncover and clean out all the BS [belief system] holding you back from stepping into your power and living life on your terms.
Strategically, I help you get vividly clear about where you want to take your life or business and exactly how to get there while navigating through frustrations, anxiety, self-doubt, confusion, sleepless nights, money worries, dramatic distractions, and other painful obstacles that can rob you of living a fulfilling life and achieving your dream. Trust me…I have been there and I know.
I am the coach you bring in your corner when you are going through life, career or entrepreneurial transition, feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices, or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs.
When we work together, you will start doing more in your life than you could all on your own. You will become more aware of your options, choices, and start taking your life and dreams more seriously. You will be creating results in your life with momentum and consistency. You will eliminate energy drainers and time wasters as you take more effective and focused actions.
And your life and work will become more harmonious, balanced and fulfilled. Are you ready to step into your power and start living life on your terms?
If you’re sick and tired of your past holding your life hostage and you’re looking to break free, I am your guy.
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"Deep inside every one of us, carrying all our hopes and dreams, our passion and power, is a burner. My mission is to help people spark a flame and kindle the fire within them!"
Roland B. Kemokai

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