Ms. Sandra McDevitt Director, EI Institute

Sandra McDevitt

I have been researching the components of healthy mind development for the past 26 years and founded the non profit organization, Emotional Intelligence Institute in 2001.
I write and provide free lessons on the EII web-site to those who are interested in learning more about the human mind, especially emotions. I am also author of the Emotional Intelligence Activity Book for Kids, available on The institute provides life size characters in costume that appear in the EI Activity Book for Kids drawings to teach kids how to better manage emotions.

Emotional Intelligence Institute
Books Sandra has Published

Emotional Intelligence Activity Book for Kids

The book consists of over 70 pages of meaningful, yet fun activities for kids that will help them understand important knowledge about emotions and healthy mind development, in general. A number of pictures to color, puzzles to solve, and other activities that will guide them toward healthier thoughts and behavior.